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I'm Suzette, Founder of the balanced home.

My expertise is in decluttering, organizing, and creating calm.

Why the balanced home™?  My clients will tell you it's about the payoff. Not just the time you'll save looking for things, or the arguments you'll avoid, but the sheer joy of calm, stress-free living. An overall feeling of relief. 

Years of excess can be overwhelming and hard to tackle alone. "Where should I start?" "Do I need this?" "What if…?" Think of me as your private productivity coach. I'll keep the process moving, directing the weight of your clutter right out the door. 

In our first session, we'll go through the balanced home Balance Sheet.™ This decision tree clearly defines priorities. You'll breeze through to a 3-category objective: Keep, Give-Away, and Toss!

While we minimize the excess, we'll be maximizing the flow of your space. Your collections will be curated into beautiful vignettes. We'll make rooms fun, fresh, and functional. Best of all, your home will feel like yours again.

A big reveal is waiting in your newly recreated home retreat!


the balanced home™ difference

  • Process: stress-free with your own coach

  • Space: happy, decluttered, and inviting 

  • Function: find what you need when you need it

  • Form: intentional, stylized, and beautifully reimagined spaces

  • Sustainability: recreate, reuse, and upcycle


My Services

the balanced home™ coaching clients in-person or virtually to the completion of each project.